Brad & Kate plus Eight?

Ok…more like Seventeen. Accessories, that is! We’re talking bags, shoes, shirts, and bangles!

It’s no secret that we at Style of Mind love Brad Goreski. If I had a nickel for every time Matt was mistaken for Brad…I’d have a nickel. But seriously, thanks in large part to Brad, thick glasses and colorful bowties aren’t just for nursing homes anymore. (And, crying isn’t just for the privacy of your own home.)

With his own reality show, a new book, and his own styling business, how could Mr. Goreski possibly find time to do anything more? Because he’s Brad. That’s how.

Brad has teamed up with one of my favorite designers, Kate Spade, and given us his picks from the Spring 2012 collection. Think of it as a trip to Kate Spade, with Brad at your side. Do I have to say it? BANANAS.

With brilliant pinks, yellows, greens, and purples, this Spring is all about color! And these great choices from Kate Spade’s Spring collection are no exception. You can see all of Brad’s picks here.

Personally, I LOVE bangles. Even on the weekends, I’m known to accessorize with a stack of five gold bangles against a rolled flannel, skinny jeans, and boots. Of course, Kate Spade has long been my source for these. They come in a great variety of styles and colors. Affordable enough to buy multiple, with the Kate Spade quality you’ve come to know. Brad suggests wearing a stack of several mismatched bangles, which he also shows in his Spring picks. This season’s colors and patterns are so great, I’ll be adding to my bangle collection, as well!

So, while the winter blues may still be playing in NYC, at Kate Spade, it’s already Spring! Head to the nearest store or visit, and give yourself something to look forward to!




(photo courtesy of Kate Spade,


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