Satchels: they’re not just for schoolgirls (and boys!) anymore.

Several months ago, I made it my mission to find the perfect satchel. Perhaps I watch too many teenage dramas (ok, definitely) but something about the effortless style and function of the satchel appealed to me, for several reasons:

First, how great is it to have a bag that you can simply sling over your shoulder, wear crossbody, I mean, really you adjust the strap and you have any number of stylish ways to wear it?

Second, it holds all  your valuables (and let’s face it, some not-so-valuables, we all have them in the bottom of our bags) and buckles closed. We’re New Yorkers. We’re constantly commuting somewhere, even if it’s just to brunch. We need a bag that can hold all our essentials (iPads are essentials now, right?) and something that we can carry on the subway without the fear of losing said essentials (iPads are expensive) on a crowded subway, ie a pickpocket’s playground. It’s also structured, so if you’re running off to a lunch meeting (as I am almost daily) and need to throw some documents in, and would rather they didn’t come out looking like a gum wrapper, the satchel is perfect.

Finally, and most importantly–it makes a statement! And, unlike a typical messenger bag, that statement is not, my bike is parked outside. It functions the same, but you won’t be embarrassed to walk into brunch with your friends or a meeting with an editor.

So, back to my search. Easy, right? It’s a satchel, they’ve been around forever! Nope. After months, my search proved fruitless. Until one of my style icons, the one and only Zooey Deschanel, led me to the bag of my dreams. Several weeks ago, Ms. Deschanel posted this photo on twitter…

I fell instantly in love. I wanted THAT bag. Generally speaking, I’m not so easily susceptible to celebrity advertising. I don’t see my favorite celeb in US Weekly carrying a Prada bag and think, I HAVE to have that. (Though, as you’ll see, there are a few celebrities I make exceptions for, and Zooey is one of them. I’ll speak to this in future posts.) However, I knew this post could mean the end of my search.

Zooey’s bag was made by The Cambridge Satchel Company. They’re a UK company (located in,where else, Cambridge) that specializes in, and, other than steamer trunks, sells satchels exclusively. All their bags are made in the UK. You can order your perfect bag directly from their website, and they’ll ship directly to you. And I can tell you, from personal experience, they are FAST! My bag arrived far ahead of schedule. You can choose a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. And you can have yours embossed, just like Zooey’s above! The best part: the bags are totally reasonably priced. No, they’re not a twenty dollar bag that you’d buy on a whim, but why would you want a bag that will fall apart in a day? This bag is beautiful, all leather, and costs around $120-$150, based on size and style, plus a bit extra if you want it embossed. Again, totally reasonable! I know we’ve all spent far more than that on a bag, am I right? I know I have.

I made this serendipitous discovery while my sister, Laura, was in town visiting. We’d spent the weekend on an equal parts amazing and traumatic hunt for her perfect wedding dress (look for that post soon!) and we were recovering at my apartment when I saw the post. I immediately showed my sister. She agreed that it was lovely, but gave me pause with tiny seeds of doubt. Well, I should have known, I did grow up with her after-all, that she’s a bit of a sneak! A few weeks later, this beautiful bag to your left arrived! It was even more perfect than I imagined, and she’d had it embossed with my initials! She also knows me all too well, and went for the larger bag (15″), which is absolutely perfect. It holds books &  documents for meetings (I work in publishing), and also transforms easily into day bag for the weekend so I can carry my wallet, sunglasses, a novel, even some of my purchases while I shop around the city! I’ve also never received more compliments on a bag! The color is the perfect shade of red, and it’s a statement bag without being overtly flashy, so it can transition for so many occasions. Needless to say, my search is over, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

The moral of this story: Don’t give up your search for the perfect (bag, shoes, apartment, boyfriend), because someday you will find it, and always, always be nice to your little sister.




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