Off the beaten path (that’s the path beaten down by tourists).

One day last year my parents came for their very first visit to NYC to see the sights (and me!). With a checklist in hand, we had 7 days to see what they wanted to see and do what they wanted to do. As I was on break from tour, I had the entire week to dedicate to them.*

One item on their list was to eat in Chinatown. I figured we could kill two birds with one stone and cover the SoHo shopping area and China town in one afternoon. Little did I know that I would find one of the loves of my life that day…Wooden Sunglasses.

As we walked through a side street to get to the much busier Broadway, we passed a store called Dunderdon that immediately caught my attention. Classic and well made jackets and sweaters are a weakness to my 75 year-old heart, so I left my parents on the street and wandered in. As I perused the racks of clothing (and realized that $145 was out of my price range for a sweater) I came across a table showcasing sunglasses with wooden frames. I was hooked, but left empty-handed as my wallet is not as thick as Dunderdon requires.

Cut to 5 months later, I find myself wandering around SoHo “Barshopping” (more on that later) with a roommate and a couple of friends. Walking down Howard Street in an attempt to avoid tourists on Canal and get to the J.Crew men’s shop as painlessly as possible, I let out a yell and stopped dead in my tracks. I recognize the store (but not the name) and thoughts of wooden sunglasses of seasons past came flooding back into my head.

I should throw in there that the guy working at the store was standing outside chatting to a friend and saw this enthusiastic* moment happen. Classy.

While the sunglasses were long gone, the quality of clothes were just as great (and just as expensive).

Alas, once again I left Dunderdon empty handed but far from dissapointed. To this day still don’t own anything from there, but someday…

Moral of the Story? There is none. Just a strong suggestion for you to stop in and take a look around! Or visit them on their website and get an idea of their style!

25 Howard Street
New York, NY 10013

(212) 226-4040

*Typical day for me was sightseeing from 8am-9pm, putting the parents to bed, and then going out 😉

**Also known as flamboyant


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