2-for-1 Special

2-for-1 special is a phrase that I use to describe something (article of clothing/adult beverage/friends/etc.) that can serve two completely different purposes for different occasions. We all have those friends that we can take to a benefit dinner and then hit the bars hard for the self created “after party,” and the same can be said for clothing. With good quality clothing costs so high, why not get something that you can wear twice as often because of its versatility?

Until just recently, the only sorts of boots I owned were Rain, Snow, and Steel-Toed, and while I loved each pair in its own unique way, none of them were quite appropriate for more formal situations. After a recent purchase of wing tip boots from Aldo, I found the joy of being able to wear the boot to work with my pants un-cuffed for a more formal look or simply cuff a pair of jeans for a “run to the Brooklyn Flea Market on a Saturday morning” look (even if you’re just sitting at home).

I stumbled across The Standard Brogue Boots by Mark McNairy. I bet you can’t guess why I love these shoes.

Photo from www.porhomme.com

Respectively, $495 for these boots is a great deal considering the colored detail and the fact that many high quality wing tip shoes cost into the hundreds of dollars already. However, they are still out of my grasp. For now, my $70 boots (on sale) from Aldo will more than do the job.

Wish List It!=WLI!

Available on the Standard Website.


4 thoughts on “2-for-1 Special

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