Heavy Pockets Are SO Last Winter

Today, I found I needed to take more things than usual into work. (This is what happens when you pick up reading on the train again.) One of the many joys about working in an office, as opposed to touring around the country via bus, is that you don’t constantly have a 20lb backpack strapped to your back carrying all your most important work possessions. This makes the commute to and from work much easier. Trust me, my back thanks me everyday.

Now, while on a normal day I would just fit as much as possible in the pockets of my jacket, today I knew it just wouldn’t all fit. (Hey-Oh!) Classy guy that I am, I’ve recently been using one of those promotional bags I received along with free products (OK, so it’s no Jack Spade bag, but it’s not a plastic bag either). Today, my fear that overloading would lead to an embarrassing moment wherein my bag splits open and my crap rolls across the ground, led me to pull out the big dog.

I’d searched for some time to find a bag that I could carry around on a daily basis. You see it all the time. Guys on the train or street that have somehow found the perfect bag that looks functional, fits in the nook of their arm, and has a macho enough look that you almost forget the man is carrying a bag larger than the small child sitting next to him (people with good bags always seem to get seats on the train, am I right?). As my hunt continued, I found myself having the same dilemma. The bags I could afford, I didn’t want, and the bags that I wanted, I couldn’t afford. All while my need for a bag allowing me to carry anything ranging from a book to a wardrobe change only grew increasingly more necessary.

Until one day by sheer happenstance, I stumbled upon a Fred Perry Bag while wasting time at Urban Outfitters. I can’t say I’m a huge UO fan, I barely ever buy anything there, but it is the BEST place to kill time in NYC, be it 10 minutes or an hour. Forget the clothes. Spend your time in the housewares, gifts, and books section.

No surprise the Fred Perry bag caught my attention. The right size at 16″x12″ the front and back panels were a dark brown, the sides panels were green, and the top panels white. Being the die hard Michigan State fan (and alum) that I am, I had to have this bag, and because it was only $60, I could! GO GREEN! (GO WHITE!)

Today, it got to have its end of winter/pre-spring coming out celebration and saved me from revealing that I am carrying hairspray in my bag (Who said that?!).

While this particular bag may not still be available, check out the Fred Perry website or stop in one of the stores and check out what they’ve got! Or, keep an eye out when you’re killing time in Urban Outfitters! Start looking now before spring and summer sneak up on you and you’re left with no jacket pockets to fill!


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