Sniff Sniff, Someone Smells Good! Oh, IT’S ME!

Gentleman, I’m about to share with you one of my secret weapons. Are you ready?


Rochas Man Cologne. You’re welcome and you’ll thank me!


Everything atheistically about this cologne screams “Dont Buy Me” from a mans perspective. The color and wrapping of the box (almost metallic pink), an awkward shape (Tell me what you think it looks like and I’ll call it), and only seems to be sold in stores that dedicate only the small back corner to mens products (Like Sephora). However trust me, you will love it. If you’re a man you will love wearing it, because people will take notice. I promise you. Ladies (and men), you will love smelling it on your man candy.

I discovered this amazing product one drizzly day in NYC. It all started one Saturday afternoon when a friend and I were doing a little of what me and my friends like to call “Barshopping”. In a nut shell, this pretty much just means Bar Hopping, like in the good old college days, with shopping in between each bar. It could be Soho, or 5th Ave, or anywhere that you choose, just make sure that the area you pick is plentiful in two things: Bars and shopping.

On this particular day, about 6 stores in (and equal adult beverages) we were just about to call it a successful day. We recommend ending your barshopping experience at Macy’s on 34th and we were doing just that. The crowds have died down by early evening and there is a bar in the basement. TWO FOR ONE SPECIAL! As we headed out of the store and towards the subway, we decided to make a last minute stop in Sephora to pick up some basic makeup for an upcoming photo shoot.

As we walk/stumbled in, we realized that the store would be closing in 15 min (Time flies when you’re drunk on shopping…..and, well, booze) but an associate greets us with a warm smile and a cheerful hello. We quickly get what we needed, but were quickly distracted by the selection of fragrances that they offer. I personally never wore cologne, because, honestly, I think most of them smell terrible. I did have a short love affair with Abercrombie Woods back in the day, but that didn’t last long (neither did my actual shopping there once they started ripping your jeans apart and charging you triple for them). To say I was skeptical that I would find something I liked (or could afford) would be an understatement, but the amazing sales girl had taken a liking to us, and seemed to disagree. We then spent the next 25 minutes following her around the (now officially closed) store watching her spay what seemed like endless bottles of different scents on herself for us to smell.

She then picked up Rochas Man and suggested we try it. I sprayed some on the inside of my wrist and ever so elegantly (4 martinis in) too a whiff. I fell in love immediately. To try and describe the smell would be sure to do it an injustice, but I will say that it had a scent that was not only amazing, but it was not overbearing or sickeningly saturating no matter how much you use.

The best (and in my opinion most important) part about Rochas Man? PEOPLE LOVE IT

I’m really not joking. I can’t count the number of comments and compliments I’ve received on how good I smell, ranging from romantic interests to servers in restaurants. Here is one of my favorite interactions with a stranger regarding my scent:

Restaurant Server: Can I tell you something? You smell amazing!
Me: (shocked) Oh wow! Thank you! I really appreciate that!
Restaurant Server: No, thank you! You don’t know how many people come in here either doused in some terrible scent, or even worse, just smell terrible. You’re actually a breath, or I guess scent, of fresh air!

Not making this up. I have witnesses (mostly just the smelly people around me though).

Moral of the story? Give this stuff a try! It can be a little pricey (larger bottle runs about $55), but you can find great deals on, or keep an eye out at Perfumania or Sephora (not currently on their website) stores. They often offer Buy 1 Get 1 50% off deals.

So stock up, or share it with a friend! Well, someone you wont mind sharing the scent lime light with!






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