A New Day and a New Do!

It’s been weeks now that I could feel that annoying patch of hair creeping further and further down my neck from my hairline, and I knew I had to get it taken care of. Looks like its time to call Allie at the amazing High Horse Salon! (Full Profile on High Horse coming soon!)

Now there is something that you should know about me and my hair. While I am always one to take time and make sure that my hair is looking exactly how I’d like it to, I’ll also shave my head (or even half of it) at the drop of a dime and not even think twice about it. Ahh, the glory of having nice, thick, dark, fast growing hair. I can just cut it off and a couple months later, Wha-la! I’ll have it all back. Like a play-doh hair or that doll whos arm you crank to let her ponytail grow out. Who me? Dolls? No, I have a friend that told me……

Photo from Atomicpop

The last time I had my hair cut was because I was trying to compensate (take the focus off of) the mustache that I was determined to grow for the entire month of November, or as us in the mustache inner crowd like to call it, Movember. After a few weeks with the mustache, I realized that while I was standing up for men’s health awareness, I was also getting dangerously close to the “creepy molester” look. It was time for drastic measures. I still had 2 weeks left growing this stacsh and I wasn’t going to let it ruin my social life (anymore than it already had)! So I went into High Horse and told Allie to “Cut it all off! Well….make that just the sides”. After countless minutes of research (ok, about 10) I knew what I wanted, and what I wanted currently sat on the head of model Cole Mohr.

Photo from tattoologist.com

Armed with confidence and $40 Cash (they don’t take credit card) I went into High Horse Salon and waited for Allie to begin the sheering process. As she started with the scissors and cut progressively closer and closer to my scalp, she decided to switch to the clippers and push forward in the jungle of hair. When it was all done, I was 3 pounds lighter, and 10x happier.

Now, cut to a few months later and back to the growth of hair creeping down my neck. Time for it to go! The once shaved sides of my head were now overgrown like Kudzu, so Saturday I called up High Horse to check Allie’s availability.

Booked Solid the entire day. Damn.

However, it seems as though there was an opening for the next day, Sunday at 11am. Done.

And here it is! A New Day and a New Do! Let me know what you think! Of if you see me getting carried away by the wind, HELP!

Cut in progress

All Done!


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