Another 2-for-1 Special-The ASOS Fringe Backpack

Our next 2-for-1 special was discovered right in my office and is for a lady that needs a little utility in her life! One of the glam ladies from a neighboring company walked out yesterday sporting a fringed out purse that immediately caught my eye. Little did I know, the purse also leads a double life. The secret? It’s also a backpack! A strap in the back unzips down the center to create the two arm straps. Back in my day, backpacks had cartoon characters on them. In fact, mine still does, but does this purse have a matching lunch box? I don’t think so!*

She originally got it on (Which is also a fantastic site that I am just wrapping my head around) but it is no longer available. Wasn’t able to find a place you could still purchase it but I’ll keep my eye out for you!

Kate Models her Fringetastic Bag

Photo from



*Note to self: Find tassled Lunch Box to Match


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