End the Work Week With a Smile

I don’t know about yours, but my week has been hectic! The PR Firm that I work for is in the middle and on the verge of some really exciting opportunities and projects, the Music of the Rolling Stones Tribute was a great success at Carnegie Hall on Tuesday evening, and now I’m prepping for one of the best holidays of the year: ST PATRICK’S DAY!

Now I am a sucker for St. Patrick’s day. Why? It’s because it combines my favorite things into one long, crazy, fun-filled day. How can you go wrong with being surrounded by friends, day drinking, and covering your body in and consuming any food that is green?? You can’t!

And in the current state of March Madness (Yes I know about sports), You are all official Spartan Fans!! GO STATE

I’ll save the planned activities and green outfits for tomorrow, but I wanted to leave you all with a video that makes me happy every time I watch it. It shows the NYC that I live in, where everyone is your potential new best friend, and the only thing standing between you and a collaboration with a stranger is the annoying subway stops that interrupt the groove.

Apparently, subway stops were not an issue for these two. What train are they on anyway??

Happy Friday Everyone! See you in your Green Ensembles tomorrow! (Follow @StyleofMind on Twitter tomorrow to see where we are throughout the day!)


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