One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Brad Goreski has done for me in terms of fashion what  Sex and the City did for millions of women (and some men)…..created a feeling jealousy and inspiration. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t get a lot of my fashion ideas from the outfits he wore while he was on the Rachel Zoe project. His dedication to the Bow Tie was something to be admired, and his ability to wear the wildest prints and the boldest and brightest colors led me to feel comfortable doing the same. And the glasses? Well, don’t even get me started on the glasses.

A few months ago, I was in midtown trying to kill some time before a date and stopped in the Macy’s on 34th St to do a little “Window Shopping” (but in the store). As I wandered through the Ralph Lauren section commenting to myself how none of the clothes they had in the store look like their actual ads (The only brand I’ve noticed to be even worse at this is Tommy Hilfiger-Ads are gorgeous, clothes in the store never are) I caught a glimpse of a man wearing red tartan pants at the elevator. As I repositioned myself to the other side of the table covered in hideously priced sweaters (with the designs to match) I realized that it was Mr. Brad himself! Of course being my style icon of the time, I analyzed his outfit head to toe, from the signature glasses to his Louboutin loafers (redic). But this isn’t about Brad. Well, it started off as that, but moved into something even better.

I discovered this photo of Brad on the blog Ram’s Look (check out this photogasm of street style) and I DIED (OK, had to throw that Rachel Zoe quip in there….but that’s the only one I promise). As it usually doesn’t, Google search did not disappoint. I found out this coat is by Simon Spurr, who I have actually not heard of before 10 min ago (hey now, I’m new to fashion so leave me alone), but am quickly falling in love with his collections the more I see (more to come on him I’m sure).

From Ram's Look

What really caught my eye about this coat is probably the most obvious. Those Damn Leather Sleeves! It’s such a simple idea to take a classic looking trench coat and give it a little kick in the ass that I’m mad I didn’t think of it before. Of course I have nothing against the modern trench coat. In fact, I have been waiting for that glorious day that I will be in a position where I can purchase my own Burberry Trench coat. I can’t think of another staple of mens clothing that screams elegance, style, and craftsmanship then a Burberry Trench Coat. Is it sad that I already imagine outfits to wear with it even though I won’t own one for many years? Yes, it probably is, but not like that’s going to stop me!

But while the traditional trench has a distinct look of its own, I think that we are going to start seeing more and more of these stylized and funky versions, and I couldn’t be more excited!



I quickly went on the search to see if other designers were catching the new trend of spicing things up this spring. Turns out they are! Check out the Gabardine Trench from Dsquared. The contrasting colors of the jacket really catch the eye. Could this me the mullet of trench coats, with work on the bottom and the party up on top? Here’s hoping to future jackets with interchangeable embellishments (Im thinking Green)! Hopefully it’s not just a Canadian thing!*

As for me, I’m going to head home and grab my Benneton Trench and see what I can do to jazz it up a bit until that day when one of these coats becomes within reach.


Using trench coats to flash off things other then my body,



*Both Brad Goreski and the designers of Dsquared are from Canada, our friendly neighbors to the north.


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