Show Off Them (shirt) Sleeves!

As the weather warms up and top layers reduce, we now find ourselves in that beautiful balance called Spring. Now what I like about spring is the same thing I like about fall, getting to wear warm layers, but not having to burden with coats (although a cloak is still very welcome). This especially comes in handy with those evenings out after work, when the sun goes down and it drops an extra 10 degrees but is just warm enough that lugging a coat around isn’t necessary. I speak from experience when I say that having a coat at the bar, is a hassle. Even with the cheapest of coats, I have to make sure that I get all my valuables out, that it doesn’t get stolen or have beer dumped on it, or worse (you should see some of the places I have been to). So now your entire outfit is exposed for the world to see (both in the bars and on the street).

With exposure in mind (isn’t it always), my memory floats back to a runway show that I saw in the not to distant past. Now while at first I thought that it was Michael Bastian (yea yea, more Mikey), I could not find solid evidence to back up this new concept; sleeve rolling. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Matt, people have been rolling there sleeves up for dozens of years”. Yes, this is true, and maybe even 10 years longer then that, but have you ever seen a suit coat with sleeves rolled up exposing the sleeves of the shirt underneath? Or a sweater with its sleeves rolled up showing off the shirt sleeves underneath? No, you probably haven’t. I think this is partly because suit jackets and sport coats have always been seen as professional and sturdy, not to mention that the fabric is just a lot harder to roll up!  This got me to thinking though. When we put on a shirt and then cover it with a sweater or cardigan, we lose seeing most of the shirt underneath. Now, if you are wearing a boring shirt, go ahead and cover it up and be better prepared next time, BUT if you are sporting something bold, colorful, or just plain interesting, show it off a little more than just around the collar or at the tip of your cuffs. While Michael Bastian let me down by not being the designer I thought had started this trend, as always he is still on the boat and had a some non-traditional sleeve rolling included in his Autumn/Winter ’12 runway show.

I’ve been playing around with this idea for a little while now and have found that it is not always easy to just roll up a pair of sleeves and go with it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m that guy that is always saying “Oh just throw it all together and it works”. I don’t believe that “Too matchy matchy” or “Too many different patterns” is a ever a bad thing (just ask Carrie or anybody who looks at me on any given day). With that said, it took me a few tries to find a sweater shirt combination that really looked good together. But have not fear! A good rule of thumb when trying to rock this look: try and have pick a shirt with more fitted sleeves. When you roll the sleeves it can get quite tight around the bicep (added bonus, its tight around your bicep!). This could create a sort of poofy sleeve between the roll of the sweater/blazer/jacket, and the cuff of the sleeve. A slimmer cut shirt sleeve will eliminate that problem!


I’ve got a few events* to attend this weekend, so I’ll try it out and let you know what I think (and you can tell me what you think)!

Taking a jacket and making it a vest,


*By “events” I mean parties. Events just sound classier!


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