Good morning, London!

G’day, fashionistas! It’s Carrie blogging live from London! Well, the passport line at Heathrow, to be specific. Lots of terrible, but nothing terribly fashionable, but hey–we’ll forgive them, it was a long, crowded flight. Speaking of flying, I’m including a photo of my new favorite thing: Economy Comfort! Or, as I like to call it: The poor man’s first class. Listen up, we told you at the blog’s inception that we were all about a hot lifestyle at a lukewarm budget. And this is the perfect example. On Delta flights, you can upgrade to Economy Comfort for $80. For that, you get priority boarding (no rushing the boarding line when they ring the cattle bell! That’s right, you’re in zone 1! Strut by with that fab luggage and make the other passengers wonder. Once on board, those same passengers will walk by and stare in envy at your bigger, more comfortable chair, extra legroom, and seats that recline 50% more! Just look at this photo to see how much more room $80 will buy you! And you know what I do with that extra room: I let my Foley & Corinna bag relax, while the matching Kate Spade makeup bags come out to play. Hey, it’s not first class, it’s style of mind class. And what could be better than that! Cheerio! Carrie 20120413-094256.jpg


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