Happy Jean Friday! 2 Contrasting Colors Just Aren’t Enough Sometimes

Happy Jeans Friday Everyone! Now I know what you may be thinking, “Where the hell have your Friday Jean Ensembles Been?!!” Well I’m here to say, they are back in full force and brighter than even! I’ve never* been one to steer away from bright colors, so I decided that it would be nice to see what sort of set I could create that would provide us with bright and dynamic colors, yet work together as a whole. Now in any situation where I find myself wearing a blazer, I always make sure to create an outfit underneath that will look just as good if for some reason I take it off (Those offices in Manhattan can get hot, am I right? Another 2for1 special). I started with the red jeans and blazer, and actually had them sitting in my Polyvore account for a few months. Today I pulled them out, added some Red Wing Boots (Bad Ass if I might add) and thought I was done. Should I add a bow tie? Naw, takes it a little too non-casual for me today. How about a scarf or Maybe even a Bolo Tie (cowboy roots)? No No No. Then it hit me. Why not go completely different and add the accent pieces to the wrist and waist? Sounded crazy, but it just might work. Since I hardly (ok maybe not) match my shoes to my belt (I’m a rebel obviously) I decided to go with the Turquoise 3-tone belt. With the blazer, its a snazzy look for the street, but without it, it’s a comfortable bold look for the office. Didn’t think that anything would top those bright red pants, but add that belt, and I think we just found a new warrior for the fashion army.

Have a great Friday! Be Bold this weekend and don’t let nature be the only one rocking some color!

On the hunt now for a turquoise watch and belt,


Jean Friday! 2 Contrasting Colors Just Aren't Enough Sometimes

*Ok, so maybe I’ve just recently gotten the cojones to start mixing these crazy colors together. But try it, I think you’ll like it.

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