Is it Delivery? No its Streaming

Now Carrie and I do not want to give off the impression that we spend each night out doing fabulous and amazing things (even though she is currently in London). Of course, sometimes that does happen. Trust me, we spend plenty of evenings at home (Myself more than Carrie) snuggled up in comfy clothes and my BFF: Netflix.

Now I rescued my little sidekick Trixie Lou in the fall of 2007, but I’ve been a member of Netflix since 2006. To say that it has been there through the good times and the bad would be an understatement. From a dude ranch to NYC, those red envelopes in the mail were something to look forward to, and unlike Jury Duty Summons, always seem to find me. Almost like a present on Xmas morning (except they come in the afternoon and you picked it out yourself).

Now when I first started my Netflix subscription I went all out with my membership. Hey, I was a Grad Student living the lifestyle of ramon noodles and the cheapest 30 packs of beer (good ol’ Busch Light) I could find, so of course spending almost 20 bucks a month on video entertainment sounded like a smart “investment”.

And it absolutely was. Not only was it a joy to get those DVDs in the mail, by receiving 3 at a time, I would also play the guessing game to which one I would open first. Normally this would bore me quickly, but since my memory is pretty wretched (except for the important things), I would always only be able to remember two of the movies I was receiving and blank on the rest. 9 times out of 10, the movie I didn’t remember would always be the 3rd to be opened.

So as the years progressed and I was introduced to movie after movie old enough to be out for sale, but young enough to be on DVD, My netflix account status has fluctuated as frequently as my que. I eliminated the DVD option after carrying 3 DVD’s around the country on tour for 3 months, only to never actually return them (Thank god there are no late fees), and have been living off the Watch Instantly function for the last yea. As soon as it was available to be streamed through the Wii console, Mario Cart took a backseat and I parked my seat on the couch and began what would turn out to be a marathon of television show watching. Some old, some new, and some that should probably have never been made, hardly tapping into the vast on demand MOVIE selection.

That is, until the other night. Tired after a long day of work, I decided to order some food, make myself an adult beverage, and plop in front of the TV and multitask with work and Wii Netflix watching. At first scan through the movies, I was immediately disappointed, until I came across two that caught my eye.

First off was Love and Other Disasters.

Starring: Brittany Murphy (Clueless, 8 Mile) and Matthew Rhys (Kevin from Brothers and Sisters)

Honestly, watching Brittany Murphy act American with a British accent was cutely charming. She is a talent was gone too soon, and I laughed and missed her guilty pleasure performances even more (Uptown Girls: GUILTY). And I originally was very impressed by Matthew Rhys accent until I found out he was Welsh. So, great job talking!

Watch it! It’s a cute movie and it will only make you think a more positively about love, and whats so wrong with that? We all have love disasters, but it’s still easier to watch other (fictional) peoples.



The second half of the double feature was Waiting For Forever

Starring Rachel Bilson (The OC) and Tom Sturridge (Sienna Miller’s Baby Daddy…….I know)

I thought that there was something equally charming, romantic, and creepy about this movie and you’ll know what I mean after you watch it. Miss. Bilson plays a Hollywood actress returning back to her (smaller) home town to reunite with her childhood friend (and current admirer) play by Tom. Make sure to watch the entire thing before you jump to any conclusions. My opinion throughout the movie changed a few times. Is it a cinema masterpiece? Not by a long stretch, but it does make you think, and its an easy watch.





Somehow both selections that night were based loosely on love (but isn’t most of New York?), but each had their own dramedy which I can be a real sucker for.


So while the DVD’s arriving in my mail box have ceased, I am still a dedicated fan to Netflix Streaming.


But I did just get Hulu Plus…


Currently power watching GCB on Hulu Plus (It’s Desperate Housewives, Mean Girls, and Texas all rolled into one),



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