Pick your Pocket…Square

When it comes to fashion accessories, Carrie is the expert. I haven’t worn a necklace, bracelet, or ring in probably over 5 years. Hell, I barely even wear a watch most of the time (which I do need to change).  For me, I think that there there are accessories that GO with an outfit, and accessories that are PART of the outfit, which is why bow ties and suspenders have not been excluded from my ensemblesin the way that most jewelery has. Shockingly (probably not to you, but more to me) there is one accessory that I can say I’ve never used…..yet: a pocket Square.

It isn’t because I hold some sort of grudge against square folded pieces of cloth, but because it’s only been within the last year that I have really altered my style with the addition of wearing blazers more frequently. So what are the tried and true secrets behind a pocket square? What sort of color/style should be chosen to really put the icing on the top of a great outfit? I turned to Jack O’Connor, Head Men’s Stylist at J.Crew, for help. In his ever lovely emails from J.Crew Men, he had the following answers to offer:


So there you have it folks! Apparently, using a pocket square isn’t rocket science! Now I know that it may be a real killer to think you have to spend a lot of money for simply a piece of cloth, but how much you spend is completely up to you! You’ve got the idea, so now you can try and play around with it. It’s gotta work for you after all!


Wondering if my bandana from the wig store will fit,



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