There’s No Mocking the Moccasin

When I was growing up, the first fashion trend that I consciously remember were Moccasins. My Mom and Aunt would always be on the hunt for the perfect pair (this is also when I learned that shoes not only came in sizes, but different widths as well). When they wore out one pair, they would move on to the next (so its a good thing they were ever searching for the correct fitting pair). Perhaps that where I got my influence to “Stick with what you like” from.

Moccasins have been around since men could walk……..or at least until they could comfortably. Originally made out out of soft leather or deer skin, the softness of the leather allowed the wearer to protect their feel while being able to feel the ground below (like wearing converse shoes without socks). They ranged from plain and simple construction design, to elaborate beading designs, and lets not forget about the fringe and/or fur! Hard soles were incorporated over time as the rocky terrain called for more stability. The moccasin is sort of the original boat shoe, am I right? OK, maybe that’s a stretch, but I’m sticking to that idea!

Take a look at these pair of moccasins from around the 19oo’s:

From the Estate of Chief Washakie, Wind River Reservation, Shoshone, Wyoming

I find it incredible when styles can withstand the test of time. The moccasin was created in a time when only the simplest of tasks could be accomplished. It was the epitome of “living to survive”. Being able to take the basic concept behind the design and alter is in subtle (and sometime not so subtle) ways, has made the moccasin a (somtimes underrated) staple in your wardrobe. If not for everyday, at least each year for the Coachella Festival.

Below are ways that the Moccasin style has been modernized by stores like Cole Haan and Minnetonka:

My personal favorite, because I’m an old man at heart, is the Moccasin Slipper. Comfortable, stylish, and great for wearing from the house outdoors if needed (Bodega Runs and quick Dog walks are ideal)!

So what do you think of this trend? I personally Dig it, and its easy to pull off for men and women alike. Like any leather shoe, the stiffer the leather the harder they are to break in, but always worth the time/pain. If you’re anti-pain or work, stick to the slippers and be prepared to walk on clouds.

Hell, break in one pair during the day and pamper your feet with the slippers at night. Win Win!

Needing to organize the 3 pairs of identical Moccasin style slippers,



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