Is it a White Collar Crime to Steal our Hearts?

Matt Bomer………………Enough Said.

Besides being the snazzy, clever, and charismatic leading man in USA’s White Collar, he is also a father (3 boys with partner Simon Halls), and a constant humanitarian, which in my book makes him a triple threat already. Then throw in a stint on GLEE, a few spreads in global issues of GQ, and subbing in for Kathie Lee Gifford on “Today” and it seems that he is practically everywhere these days (not that we mind one bit!). If you haven’t jumped on the White Collar train, I highly recommend it! As opposed to your typical TV dramas like the CSI type franchises, this plot replaces the typical body count with with impeccable suits and clever/quick thinking plans to uncover white collar climes of the rich and powerful in Manhattan. As a person who not only lives in NYC but also spent a year working at the New York Stock Exchange, walking down the same halls Bernie Madolff had just 8 months prior to my arrival, I find the world of corporate corruption and the people behind it to be fascinating. Like tabloid magazines (in my opinion), you despise the fact that such emphasis is put on the pain and misfortune of others, but are also fascinated and curious to the happenings in their lives. Regardless, the fact that less people die in a season of White Collar than in the opening credits of CSI should clue you in to how different the vibe of this show is. Higher body counts do not always equal higher ratings. Still not convinced? Tiffani Thiessen is in the show (Kelly from Saved by the Bell), and damn, she looks good!

Undeniably, the story plot is of utmost importance to me (I love me some reality TV, but terrible screen writing is inexcusable), only to be closely followed by the wardrobe. The suits, fedoras, tie clips, shoes, pockets squares etc etc etc have been a huge influence into what I see my style morphing into in the coming years (month, days, hours…..), and while in interviews (as seen below) Matt is a “comfy jeans and t shirt” kind of guy, he wears a suit impeccably and has just the right balance of style, comfort, and look. Sort of as if he is on permanent standby for a role on Mad Men (I think I’m on to something there…..)

Check out the Elvis inspired photo shoot for GQ Italia March 2012 and let Mr. Bomer warm your heart a little bit today.

Wondering when I will get that red suit and if Darren Criss and Matt Bomer will come to my birthday party,



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