Groupon Grab: Style “Research” with SATC

I don’t know about you, but I learned a lot about the city of NY from the series Sex and The City (and Taxicab confessions), and while I wasn’t always an avid watcher of the series, I definitely caught up by the end and was a huge fan of both of the movies. Although I may not be a super fan (I’m just a mini super fan), I can understand how this show became such a pop culture phenomenon and whether you have seen every episode, some of them, just the edited ones for TBS, or none of them, Groupon is back to offer you the entire shebang!


For $99, you get Sex and the City: The Complete Collection  with the whole HBO TV series, both feature films, and bonus features with shipping, normally a $206.90 total value!


May not be the best way to “research NY”, but hey, there’s definitely an entertainment to it! Click below, but do it fast! Only 2 days left for this one.



Wondering if I pay a little extra if Mr. Big will deliver it,



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