Fireside Chats with Steven Colbert and Anna Wintour

Yesterday came as quite the whirlwind of emotion! First, the morning started off as a disappointing blow with North Carolina passing Amendment 1 the previous evening. The, later that morning, President Obama declared his personal support of same sex marriage! Now, I’m all for a good roller coaster ride, but the emotional ups and downs that I felt just in the first 6 hours of the day were almost too much. Sitting with Presidential upswing, what could possibly top that?

Well, then it happened. ANNA WINTOUR ON STEVEN COLBERT! I’ve always loved both of them, and while I’ve actually met Steven Colbert (I know, amazing) Anna is still on my list to meet one day. When will an assistant position open up?? I know I would be way better then Anne Hathaway at that job!


Enjoy the interview below*. Celebrate Equal Rights. Celebrate Each Other. Most of all, Celebrate Anna and Steven!


Watch the Interview!


Submitting my Resume to Vogue again (which is actually just a Photoshopped picture of Me, Robyn Roberts, and Grace Coddington at a polo match),




*Sorry about not having the video embedded. Couldn’t figure out how to get the video to embed. Any help?


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