Rick Owens: Grunge, Goth, and Glam

I’ve been a fan of Rick Owens for several years now, but what most people don’t know is the avant-garde designer has been creating amazing twists on goth and grunge inspired looks since 1994. The small LA boutique owner quickly gained a following, and thanks to a stint in Paris, amazing designs, and a few pop culture references (who could forget Kelly Cutrone’s assistant, Andrew, mentioning him every chance he got, and rightfully so, the witty assistant who quickly became one of my favorite members of People’s Revolution was practically a poster boy for the Rick Owens collection) he has really become a household name. (Well, depending on your house, I suppose.)
For me, Rick Owens provides that perfect mix of rocker/grunge-glam, with a minimalist edge. Check out these looks from his Fall 2012/Winter 2013 collection (photo byKevin Tachman via VOGUE, published in le-paradox by Cecilia Musmeci). Pieces that you can introduce to your daily wardrobe that are well structured, and edgy without over-embellishment or deconstructed, frayed edges (though we all know I love my vintage concert shirts, they’re just not always practical  for the office). With Rick Owens, I can rock my inner grunge, even in Midtown.
As Rick Owens continues to expand his empire (now with the new lines Lilies, DRKSHDW (his rock-n-roll cool, yet signature minimalist style denim collection), and even furniture, we’ll surely be reporting much more about this hot designer. For now, I want to give you all a chance to put a little Rick Owens in your life, with today’s Rick Owens: My Habit Sale. Take a look at this killer belted jacket with oversize collar and extra long sleeves (photo courtesy of My Habit). Check it out, but don’t wait too long, you know how these sales go: one minute they’re there, and the next, they’re in someone else’s closest.

Rock on,

Carrie x


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