Hunting for Sandy

#TRUTH: LLBean boots got me through Hurricane Sandy.

Months ago, I mentioned how rubber boots would change your life. While still true, fall is quickly rolling through and we need to prep for the winter ahead, which, here in NYC, is looking to be cold and damp. Now, I’m a mid-western kid so I’m no stranger to dressing for wet and damp weather (my family were proud attenders of the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade for approximately my entire childhood). Like Michigan, successfully dressing in NYC means layers. Wearing clothing that you can easily take off when you get onto the boiling hot and stuffy subway, but throw back on when you get back above ground.

The most important thing is that you keep your feet warm and dry. This is were LLBean comes in. Currently, I receive 3 different LLBean catalogues (Regular, Mens, and Home), but I can’t say I was always a fan. In fact, I can say it, I wasn’t always a fan. Something about camping and living outdoors on a constant basis was not appealing. That changed with one item.

On the hunt for a good set of boots that would not only protect my feet from the frigid winter but would also slip on and off easily, I did some research. I had started to see more and more different types of “duck boots” showing up on the road and liked the look of them, sort of like I just got done duck hunting with the royal family. One thing that I look for whenever I’m making a big purchase is the quality (in reviews) of a product. LLBean knows boots, for everyone. Handmade in Maine, these boots are comfortable, warm, and waterproof. I have had mine for two years and they barely show any wear. They truly are a work of art. I wear my boots everyday for walks through Brooklyn with my dog when the weather gets cold, and can’t tell you how much these boots have paid for themselves.

Sadly (but not surprisingly), they are not cheap, but are a price worth paying for handcrafted, full guarantee, boots. Prices for LLBean boots can range anywhere from $99 up to $200, or more. I saved and saved for mine, and now would recommend them to everyone. I own a pair of the  Bean Boots 10″ Shearling-Lined style. They also make the exact style in Womens. They’ve gone up to $179 since I bought my pair 2 years ago but they are worth the scrimping and saving to make your life a little easier and more comfortable.

Take my word for it. If you don’t trust me (probably better off), they have a lifetime guarantee to back their quality up. Best of all, they look awesome, and really serve a great purpose….keeping you warm and dry. If you’re lucky, Carrie may show off her yellow pair! Warning: Once you start with LLBean, you don’t know what it will lead to. I bought these boots, then purchased a fleece lined wind breaker (mine was Olive/Deep Loden, and only cost $89.00 at the time), and then went on a 10 mile hike. Coincidence? Most Likely.

Hang in there New York! And keep warm everyone!

Live for Fun, Spread Joy!



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