That’s why they call it “Cash-mere”

Well friends, after a hurricane-induced hiatus, followed by a Thanksgiving induced turkey-coma, we’re back! And with us, came the cold. So what better time to talk about one of our favorite cold-weather accessories. That’s right, I’m talking about cashmere.

Now, who can forget this scene between Carrie Bradshaw and her friend Susan Sharon?

Happy birthday, Carrie.

You didn’t have to.

I know it’s a Iittle early.

It’s beautiful.

It’s 100% Italian cashmere and light as a feather.

God, I Iove it; It’s a “cashmere-ical!

Guess what Barneys gets for this.

Don’t tell me.


$900 for a scarf? No. Do you mind if I return it? I need cash.

Why not? Why do you think they call it “cash-mere”?

(Photo courtesy of HBO. Hey, do you think she’s reading styleofmind on her laptop? Note the classic cashmere cardigan and pearls pairing.)

While I do find it unfortunate that (me) Carrie does not have a friend who is the East Coast rep for a line of Italian cashmere sportswear, I have found my own means of obtaining the much-coveted cloth (and I should mention, completely legally!). Here are a few helpful tips for bringing a little cashmere into your life:

1. Christmas is just around the corner! Cashmere is the perfect thing to add to your Christmas wishlist. I myself got my first cashmere scarf as a gift, the same with my first beautiful cable-knit cashmere sweater. Generally these gifts will come from someone who, well, really likes you (a parent, a boyfriend.) Or just feels guilty for the last year’s worth of suffering (a boss…a parent, a boyfriend). Drop major hints. Add less-expensive cashmere pieces to your online wishlists. Start small: a hat, a scarf. Soon, you’ll build a wardrobe of staple cashmere pieces.

2. SAVE. Yes, I said it. Save those pennies. Trust me, it’s worth it. As I said, cashmere is a staple of any good wardrobe, and you should think of a beautiful black cashmere cardigan as an investment. You all know by now how I feel about buying luxurious, natural fabrics. Why spend fifty dollars on a polyblend cardigan that will pill by the end of the season? Save up, buy yourself that one nice cashmere piece, and you’ll have it for years to come.

3. Despite what Susan Sharon says, not all cashmere will break the bank. As is the case with anything we love, there are lesser expensive versions. Sure, it might not be AS soft or AS light-as-a-feather, but it will certainly beat any of those polyester numbers you have sadly hanging in your closet. And look for sales! Black Friday? Small business Saturday? Cyber Monday, anyone? And hey, a good cashmere scarf will NEVER go out of style, so don’t be afraid to buy that item on sale in March when everyone else is thinking bathing suits. You’ll be the winner come Fall.

And because I love you, my dear fashionistas, I’m going to share a little today-only tip (seriously, it’s one day, so listen carefully): ImageAmazon (yes, Amazon) sells cashmere. (What don’t they sell these days?) And right now, they have cashmere sweaters, accessories, etc., for men and women, at 60% percent off. YES, SIXTY PERCENT OFF! Like this great 100% Cashmere Classic Cashmere Cardigan from Sofie. (Photo courtesy of It comes in a myriad of colors (I went with the basic black, myself). And at $173.50 $69.40, how can you go wrong?! Here’s the link to your cashmere connection: CASHMERE!! Now…what are you doing? Get off this blog, and go buy yourself some luxury! At that price, buy two. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.




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