Baby It’s (Still) Cold Outside

Hello Fashionistas, and Happy Friday!

Those of us living in New  York having been experiencing a TRUE cold front (yes, I’m looking at you, LA folks. 52 degrees is not cause for panic!) Unfortunately, with the cold often comes some rather unfortunate looking outerwear. For those of us who don’t think a zip-up Northface jacket is appropriate office attire, here are a few of my current favorite cold weather accessories!


Having trouble deciding between the new Taylor Swift album and non-frost-bitten ears? Now you don’t have to! These adorable earmuffs from Kate Spade combine fashion with function to form this stylish hybrid that sounds as great as it looks. ImageAnd it doesn’t stop there, these headphones-disguised-as-earmuffs also come with a volume control on the cord and a microphone, so you can turn up the beats or take a call, all without taking off your gloves. The cord is also removable if you fancy toasty ears on a date at Wollman Rink but don’t want your guy (or gal) to think you’re being rude. These retail for $88, but you can get them on sale now at the Kate Spade website (here) for only $45. I actually purchased mine during one of the Kate Spade ‘sale on sale’ events, so I paid 25% off the sale price. Check Kate Spade’s website often, or sign up for their newsletter (which will get you 15% off your first order). They have great sales quite often, including online sample sales. They’re a great way to get really cute items, like these, for a fraction of the cost. So now that you’ve decided to no longer sacrifice your music for warmth, check these out. They come in black/cream or turquoise/cream, which might just be the most difficult decision you’ll have to make.


Sometimes we experience that kind of cold that even the best gloves can’t cut. Enter, the hand warmer. I know, you thought these only made appearances in old classic holiday films, Imageor hunting lodges, but we’ve seen a resurgence of the hand warmer for those that like warmth and style.

These rechargeable hand warmers by Senses come in a variety of colors and designs, and are available right now at a discount on one of our favorite lifestyle sites, These retail for $50 each, but if you click here, you can pick up one of three designs for only $20. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Your hands will thank you (and me) later.

Now, tell me, what are some of your favorite cold weather accessories? Leave a comment below or connect with us on twitter @styleofmind!

Stay warm. Stay fashionable.




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