Don’t Dress for the Job you Have. Dress for the Vacation you want to Take!

As I walk down the platform for the JMZ train at Myrtle Broadway, I can’t decide if the weather has risen a few degrees this morning, or if the bead of sweat starting to form on my forehead was a side effect from the 5 short blocks I power walked to get there. A quick glance around provided me the comfort of knowing that I was not the only one feeling this heat rise. Sure, it’s August, what should we expect? But after a couple of days of cool weather, it seemed the city had thrown up its arms in summer heat defeat and accepted the approaching fall. SURPRISE! In her own special way, mother nature decided to trick us and throw us a little humid heat wave our direction. Well, she got me, and here I stand with not a handkerchief in sight.

As I put in my headphones, start my “Song of the day/week/month”, Lilly Allen’s “F*ck You” (isn’t she just the sweetest?), I started to think about the transition into fall and the impending change in my wardrobe. After a summer of wearing shorts and a t-shirt to work and changing into Business (very) Casual after arriving at the office, I looked forward to the simple things: Blazers, Cardigans, and sweaters (oh my). As these days of summer begin to wrap up, I have to say that I have really been impressed with the men’s fashion choices that I have seen in the city this summer. It seems that guys are finally getting comfortable with the idea that “color is OK” and their ensembles have moved past the khaki pant, black shoe, white shirt combination that has plagued the professional man’s wardrobe for years.

In the last year, I have started giving out fake, in my head, awards to people on the train who are wearing an outfit that is so spot on, I could only call it one thing: Clutch. Finding my “Clutch of the Day” winner has become an exciting part of my day, because I love people-watching and seeing what sorts of combinations people put together. There is no typical style that wins and I never know who it will be, what they will be wearing, or where it will come from, but I do know that its going to be awesome by the nature of what/who it represents. So keep an eye out in the subway car, or walking down the street, or at the corner bodega while you’re getting your breakfast sandwich. Trust me, when you see it, you’ll know.

Clutch of the Day: Aug 21Today’s Clutch of the day winner got on the M train at Hewes Street wearing a light blue gingham button up shirt, white jeans, camel colored wingtips, (I’m assuming) a belt to match, and aviator glasses. While this was no doubt a business casual outfit, to me, this guy looked as though he could be either heading to work, or heading to the Hamptons. The wide spectrum of business casual now included this “semi-vacation but perfectly put together” morph of ensemble that uniquely stood out in the typical crowd of Grey. As I looked around the subway car, I noticed that a higher percentage of men had moved away from their cookie-cutter “business as usual” choices, and moved towards a more individualistic look. Even the age old classic suit has been tailored to give a completely different look, not to mention silhouette, to the body. Long gone are the days of boxy suits and ill-fitted button down shirts. OK, so that may not be completely true, however, we surely have seen a dramatic change in the last year in the way that men are dressing in New York City. Whether you are headed to the office or to that beach house on Fire Island, remember that your outfits for each don’t have to be all that different. That is, unless you were planning on rocking daisy dukes at Fire Island. Those might not go over so well at the stock exchange.

Whatever you chose, just make sure that you rock it out!

Life for fun, Spread Joy, Strive for Clutch!


PS. A few more examples of the “new” business casual:


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