New Year, New You? aka Why there’s never a free elliptical in January.

Happy New Year, fashionistas! tennis shoes for blog

I’ve never been one for resolutions, but since November, I’ve been making a conscious effort to live a healthier lifestyle. This has included changes in my diet and exercise routines. I think, as with any change, it’s not something that can be forced, and shouldn’t be so drastic that you’ll never keep it up. That’s why I like to start my changes pre-holidays. I figure, if I can make it through Christmas in Michigan with a negative weight gain, I’m already ahead.

Here are some of the changes I’ve been making. Let me know if you’d like more detailed posts about any of these…

Dietary: I’ve been working toward a gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free diet. A plan that falls somewhere between sugar-free vegan and paleo. I’m sort of learning as I go. This is more of a slow incorporation into my life, rather than a drastic change. For example, I haven’t given up my Greek yogurt, but I have replaced white flour with Coconut and Almond flour.

Exercise: I workout at the Y because, frankly, I like it. I like the people, I like the pool, I like that not everyone has the intimidating physique of a Greek God. I do yoga classes here, as well. I’ve also found a studio in my neighborhood for those weekends where I just ‘can’t’ make it into the city. Around November, I started working out with a trainer who I really like. I’ve had trainers on and off in the past, but this is the first one who seemed to ‘click.’ A few weeks ago, I met him for our morning workout and he said to me, as I jumped around in one of my Christmas purchases: a fuchsia Champion hoodie, I think you’re finally at the point where you actually LIKE working out. I looked at him, stunned for a moment, then realized he was right! I’d been working out every. single. day. for nearly two weeks. I’d started running outside, something I’ve always loathed, and I even signed up for…wait for it…Crossfit. I know, I know… it’s like the workout equivalent of Scientology, but I swear, one workout and you’ll be hooked (more on that later). The nice thing about Crossfit vs. Scientology is, of course, you’re far too fatigued after a CF workout to go jumping on Oprah’s couch.

I’ll keep you updated on all things health and fitness-related. This is, after all, a lifestyle blog. And we all know good style starts from the inside. If you feel healthy, you’re already “looking” good!

Now, tell me, what are your non-resolution resolutions?

Happy 2014!

Carrie x


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